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Water Authority Program Boosts Region’s Ag Economy

The Permanent Special Agricultural Water Rate (PSAWR) is offered by the San Diego County Water Authority to its member agencies who then pass through the rate benefits to their eligible agricultural customers.

Farmers who participate in the program receive a lower level of water service during water shortages or emergencies. In exchange, those member agency customers are exempt from paying storage charges and other Water Authority charges that fund programs that provide greater water supply reliability during shortages or emergencies.

How To Apply


Download The PSAWR Handbook

The Water Authority worked closely with its member agencies and stakeholders, such as the San Diego County Farm Bureau, to develop the PSAWR policies and procedures documented in the PSAWR Handbook.

PSAWR Handbook


Read The PSAWR Handbook & See If You Qualify

Detailed information about eligibility, enrollment, annual assessment and certification are in the handbook.

To take part in the PSAWR Program, member agency agricultural customers must grow or raise – for commercial purposes – products of an agricultural, horticultural, or floricultural nature. Member agencies will be required to verify their customers’ eligibility through one of four methods, detailed in the PSAWR Handbook.


Contact Your Water Agency

The Water Authority oversees administration of the PSAWR Program at the member agency level and member agencies are responsible for administration at the retail customer level.  Member agencies participating in the PSAWR Program will also be required to submit monthly reporting, annual assessment and biennial verification documents to ensure that they are adhering to PSAWR Program guidelines.

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