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Tour Key Water Systems Facilities

The Water Authority’s four delegates to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Board of Directors regularly host tours – also called inspection trips – of major water facilities statewide, including the State Water Project/Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay-Delta and the Colorado River Aqueduct. The tours help elected and appointed officials, business and environmental community leaders, civic leaders, educators and other stakeholders learn about current and historical water issues from statewide, regional and local perspectives.

The tours showcase the collaboration between the Water Authority and MWD on water reliability efforts and provide participants a first-hand look at the magnitude of the systems that supply water to Southern California.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all tours are on hold until further notice.

MWD Tour Eligibility & Availability

Transportation, lodging and meals are provided by MWD. Participation is limited. Trip participants must be 18 years of age or older, and background checks may be required to visit secure federal, state and local facilities.

Request Tour Notices

The tour program is currently on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, email to receive notices when tours resume.

State Water Project/Bay-Delta


These tours focus on the largest state-built water and power system in the nation, which runs hundreds of miles from Northern California to Southern California. Guests learn about the complex issues influencing how the system operates and the numerous challenges facing the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay-Delta.

Trip participants may visit key State Water Project facilities, meet with legislative representatives, and receive detailed presentations and updates from Bay-Delta experts.

Colorado River Aqueduct


These tours focus on the Colorado River Aqueduct, the 242-mile-long system of pumping plants, pipes and canals that brings Colorado River water into Southern California. Tours span the Lower Colorado River region and may include visits to Hoover Dam, the All-American Canal, the Coachella Canal, and other critical components of the historic Colorado River Quantification Settlement Agreement.

Guests may also visit facilities in the San Diego County region, such as the Water Authority’s Olivenhain Dam and Reservoir and San Vicente Dam, as well as MWD’s Diamond Valley Lake and Robert A. Skinner Water Treatment Plant in Riverside County.

Additional Tour Options

Water Authority Facility


The Water Authority occasionally conducts tours of its projects or facilities in San Diego County that deliver treated and untreated water to its 24 member agencies.

For More Information

Limited seating is available on each tour. Participants must be 18 years of age or older. Email for more information about regional tour availability.

Member Agency


Some of the Water Authority’s 24 member agencies provide tours of their water and wastewater facilities. Contact a member agency to learn more.