San Diego County Embraces WaterSmart Living

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Using water efficiently is a way of life and an important responsibility that comes along with the benefits of living in a beautiful Mediterranean climate like San Diegans enjoy. Over the past decade, residents and businesses across the county have adopted “WaterSmart” plants, irrigation technologies and habits that not only save money, but also create vibrant yards, reduce energy use, protect natural resources and reduce landscape maintenance.

The Water Authority partners with other agencies and organizations to offer a variety of WaterSmart tools, including classes and rebates, along with a water-use calculator and other resources.

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Programs & Rebates

residence with water effecient landscaping
Residential Incentives and Programs

Residents can take advantage of savings on a variety of water-saving technologies such as high-efficiency clothes washers and toilets, rain barrels and irrigation nozzles. Residents can schedule free WaterSmart Checkups to make their properties more water-efficient.

commercial building with water efficient landscaping
Commercial Incentives and Programs

From free on-farm irrigation assessments of irrigation water to incentives for converting industrial water systems to recycled water service, there are numerous opportunities to improve water efficiency at commercial properties.

Agricultural Rebates and Programs

The Agricultural Water Management Program provides services and incentives for agricultural customers in the Water Authority service area.

WaterSmart Landscaping

WaterSmart Classes
WaterSmart Classes

WaterSmart landscapes incorporate elements of sustainable landscaping such as healthy, living soils, climate-appropriate plants, high-efficiency irrigation and rainwater harvesting, and generate many environmental and community benefits. The Water Authority can help you create your own WaterSmart landscape with free classes and on-demand videos.

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WaterSmart Resources

Creating a WaterSmart landscape requires careful planning and implementation, but offer many benefits including: improving the beauty of your property, reducing maintenance, minimizing water pollution due to runoff, and conserving water. Here are some resources to help you live a WaterSmart lifestyle.

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Landscape Contest

Several water agencies across San Diego County have teamed up to promote beautiful, low-water landscapes through contests. Check out past winners for inspiration and learn how to participate.