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Projects, Programs Sustain Critical Infrastructure

The Water Authority operates and maintains a regional water delivery system capable of delivering 900 million gallons of water per day. Building and operating the large-scale infrastructure required to meet the region’s water needs now and in the future requires careful planning and technical expertise. The Water Authority uses a sophisticated approach to cost-effectively build, operate, maintain and secure its water facilities as an integrated system.


Pipeline 4 Repairs Project

The infrastructure that delivers water to and throughout the San Diego region is a complex and massive network that includes all aspects of transporting, treating and storing water. The Water Authority plans far into the future to ensure that the system will reliably provide long-term supply demand management, emergency water supply, stringent water treatment and system versatility for generations to come.

aerial view of the twin oaks plant

The Water Authority operates and maintains the region’s aqueduct system, which consists of approximately 300 miles of large-diameter pipelines, 1,600 related structures, and more than 100 flow-control facilities. Other major facilities include a 24,000 acre-foot reservoir and dam, water treatment plant, regulatory structures, pump stations, and facilities for hydroelectric generation as well as metering and pressure control.

Maintenance & Administration

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The Water Authority has several programs ensuring its complex network of water transportation, treatment and storage facilities are operated and maintained with a commitment to efficiency, environmental-sensitivity, cost-effectiveness and the promotion of environmental stewardship.

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The Water Authority administers, supports and funds various grant programs that help develop or support cost-effective programs for natural resources, water conservation, water quality technologies, policies, projects and water-related communications throughout San Diego County.